Just Got A New Bag

Well as you all know the baby arrived about 6 months ago and if you are reading the and you don’t know WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY BLOG! :)

After a lot of shopping around I finally used the old accounting brain and calculated that I needed a new bag for all the nappies and baby stuff as the handbag was just not taking the strain any more. I never knew there were so many baby bags out there and they are so expensive that a drastic plan of action was needed to get a good one on the cheap. I’m not planning on buying a new bag every few months after all. Hopefully nappy training will be sooner rather than later and I can dispense with all the pooing!

I did a bit of discount code searching and found a 10% off coupon from Change bag boutique who sell loads of the good quality bags and while it’s not a lot it’s better than retail right!

So thoughts please on the style I should go for. I’m swaying towards the Babymel and Storksak bags as they are great practically and actually still look like a bag.

Let me know which baby changing bag from these guys you would buy and no more than £60 please as I just ca’t afford it!

These are the ones I like the most and they are all pretty similar in size.




Before you say it I’m not getting one of the cheap Mothercare baby bags which my best friend (without child I hasten to add) said I should get.


And theres no way I’m getting all that in that bag!