It’s Taxing To Be A Nanny These Days

Sometimes you just don’t get a break! When it comes to looking after children full time and being a professional nanny for a family you’re going to have your work cut out.

Looking after your taxes is the responsibility of your employers and thankfully something you don’t have to worry about. Most people employing a nanny these days use a professional nanny tax company who are usually qualified accountants to look after everything.

Looking after the kids is however your job so we’ve drawn up a few little snippets of information that will help you get your head around your new job as a professional nanny.

1. Never shout at the kids. Goes without saying!

2. Never sleep with the father of the children you’re looking after. You want to keep your job right!

3. Always be prompt when you’re asked to do something.

4. Make the kids your friends. Keep you enemies closer and all that!

It’s a good idea to join a professional organisation like which will help you get employed and give you credibility. There are other organisation out there that will help give your CV a boost but keep in mind that employers looking to hire a nanny are just parents and people. People get on with people and thats you main concern when looking for a job. Get on with the people you are being interviewed by and be nice. That alone if anything is what you should take away from reading this.

So you’ve got your taxes in order, your job as a nanny and are registered with the BAPN.

Now see what you shouldn’t be doing in this video! :)

REMEMBER! Video cameras are everywhere.

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